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Help and support  |  TEB e.V. Selbsthilfe - Tumore und Erkrankungen der Bauchspeicheldrüse

Help and support

for affected people and their relatives

herz.jpgPancreatic cancer is a very serious topic.  It is an illness which can hit patients like lightning; unexpectedly, uncanny, which develops rapidly and, apart from a few exceptions is unfortunately fatal.
Pancreatic cancer is a topic which you’d like to push aside, but which urgently requires that we look closely, in order to help efficiently - because it’s about prolonging life through specific therapies, winning back a high quality of life and, psychologically stable, tackling the tremendous challenges of this life-threatening illness.

This is exactly where the TEB e. V. self-help group, Federal Organisation joins in and supports affected persons and their relatives in equal measures.

  • Information (Therapy possibilities, medicines, convalescence, clinics, doctors, nutrition)
  • Escorting to doctor’s appointments (specialist/ medical background)
  • Advice (telephone consultations with experts, doctors and patients seminars, instructors, board of advising doctors, workshops)
  • Support (affected people are never alone if they need help, exchange of information between affected people or between their loved ones, strengthening the mind, “listening and helping” project, social network)
  • In the hospital (visiting, fetching, assisting them back into home life again)
We offer:
  • Telephone advice, personal advice and also over skype
  • an efficient network
  • scientific advisory board
    miscellaneous information about nutrition, enzymes, diabetes 3C, operations, borderline operations, IPMN, additional therapies, TEB compass, TEB magazine and much more.
  • appointments in the clinics
  • telephone advice by experts
  • projects like “We listen and help”
  • regular group meetings, workshops, cooking courses, training courses, doctor and patient seminars and much more.

TEB e. V. is a registered, non-profit-making charity, recognised as especially eligible for sponsorship